Expand your vision

« Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. » (Carl Gustav Jung)

BoussoleHow much do you feel you are the author of your own life ? How far can your own freedom shine into your days, beyond any biological, social, cultural or family influence or conditioning  ?

Beyond our individual self, we all participate into a larger human history, connecting to where we belong and who  we are. Yet this history does not define who we are. We are much much more than what has been influencing us.

We are the produce of the choices we made, of the commitments and promises we held, and those we broke or gave up on the way. Bringing yourself back to authoring your own life means taking ownership for your own story and bringing your personal vision to an awakening, thus making sense for who you are as a unique outstanding individual.

From this vision, from the key choices you are making into your life, comes the difference that makes the difference, the one you can positively call a calling into your life’s journey. While providing a space for you to take your bearings and implement your own devisions, you shall take an active part into your own evolution.

My calling :

To sponsor you into awakening your vision, thus reinventing your own story…