Expose to your own shadow

« If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.  » (Tenessee Williams)

Ombres et lumièreA man was once found by his neighbour probing the floor on his knees under the dim light of a street lamp. His neighbour  went by and asked him :

“What are you looking for ?
– My keys. I’ve lost them and I can’t get home.” replied the man.

Then both men started to search the pavement together for more than half an hour, in vain.

“Are you sure this is where you lost your keys ?” finally inquired the neighbour.

“Not at all. Actually, I’m even sure I’ve lost them other there, but here is where we have some light…”

Like this man, haven’t you ever found yourself searching for your change at the wrong place ?Admittedly, it might seem more easy to stick with the full light of our certainties that exploring our own shadow. Not knowing is not always a confortable experience. Precisely as we may know that with our shadow lie also our deepest fears – Not being enough, feelings of rejection, abandonment and loss…

Yet, that is also where our deepest potential can be unraveled to support our transformations. Integrating our own shadow means accepting our resistance as a gift and signpost towards our true Self. I can be your guide along with care, trust and compassion on this meaningful journey.

My commitment :
To support and to encourage you in contacting and integrating your shadow as it emerges and expresses into your life.